What to put here?

I am a mother of six children, five boys (Jr. Asparagus (25), EZ Rider (14), JJ (13), Moo (12), Jackers (9) and Bean (7)). [Obviously – that’s not their REAL names – just their nicknames and something to keep them relatively safe on the blogosphere.]

I own a pin-up magazine called MnUps Magazine.

I am married  to a wonderful man who henceforth will be referred to as JW. He is my strength, my rock, my soul mate and my best friend. That is saying a lot – but I think he’s the most fabulous person on the planet.

I was raised in Southern California, a product of a severely dysfunctional and abusive home. If you want to know more about that – read the blog.

This is my 3rd marriage. I was married young (2 weeks after graduating high school in fact to Jr. Asparagus’ father) and it was a disaster, he was in the Navy and left while I was 3 months pregnant. We don’t talk.

My second husband was an alcoholic who was 17 years older than me. Yes, Virginia – I do have a degree in psychology and know how wacky that is, considering my past. I loved him dearly. He passed away in 2000 of alcohol poisoning, just 3 weeks after EZ Rider was born. There is likely to be more about this in the blog eventually.

I live in St. Paul MN.

So, this is me in a nutshell.



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